• Disaster Preparedness

    We know that many of our customers are affected by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. We have the resources to keep you supplied in the event of an emergency.

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  • Our Mission

    We provide solutions for acute patient care, healthcare professionals, medical researchers, and OEMs through safe, efficient and innovative gas related drugs, devices and services.

  • Total Gas Management

    As the most sophisticated provider of cylinder supply management services, ALHAC’s Total Gas Management (TGM) program eliminates inventory overages and shortfalls for hospitals across the U.S., saving our customers thousands of dollars every year.

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  • EZ-OX™ and EZ-OX Plus™

    These innovative products integrate a pressure regulator, flow meter and medical E-oxygen cylinder into a single, lightweight unit that is delivered ready to use.

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  • Pacific Science

    The Pacific Science (PS) division of Air Liquide Healthcare offers our U.S. customers an unparalleled level of expertise in the sales and service of a wide range of standard laboratory and cryobiology equipment.

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  • Scott Medical Products

    As a member of the ALHAC medical network, the Scott Medical Products (SMP) Division is the leading, worldwide developer and manufacturer of therapeutic, device enabling and process gases for diagnostics and treatment.

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